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Where to buy the MAC Cosmetics "Oh Sweetie" lip gloss collection

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MAC Makeup kit Wholesale It was only a few weeks ago that MAC Cosmetics revealed the Mirage Noir collection, but that's not stopping the brand from launching more! MAC has now shown us the newest collection dropping to the makeup line and it's sweet. No pun intended.

MAC gave us a little lip gloss teaser back in March, but now we know exactly what to expect. The newest product dropping to MAC are the "Oh Sweetie" lip glosses, and they look simply delicious.

There are 15 shades, in a range of MAC Cosmetics Wholesale Distributors staple and more unique colours, for you to fall in love with. You'll be able to get your hands on the standard pinks, reds and nudes, but you'll also get some fun pops of colour like green, blue and even orange!

According to MAC Cosmetics, these are opaque in colour and have a mousse-like texture on your lips. We've done the digging and have a break down of each and every name and gloss in the collection.

The brighter more unique shades are called Key Lime Trifle (a bright chartreuse), Wild Berry Frosting (a cotton candy blue), Funfetti Cake (a white frost with multi-colour pearl), Coconut Macaroon (a pinky beige,) BananaMuffins (a vibrant orange), Creamy Peach Pie (a watermelon pink with pink pearl), Caramel Sugar (a chocolate brown) and Death by Chocolate (a burgundy brown),

The pink and red shades include Sugar Cookies (an opalescent pink), Purple Panna MAC Cosmetics Discount Cotta (a stunning lilac purple), Strawberry Mousse (a Barbie pink), Raspberry Pavlova (a bright fuchsia), Raspberry Cream (a fuchsia with blue pearl), Gumdrop (an intense pink with reflects pearl) and last but not least Strawberry Torte (a bright candy apple red).


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